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Statement of Solidarity with AAPI Communities

Cooperative Federal centers our work in justice for underserved communities. We condemn violence directed at Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and mourn the shooting that occurred in Atlanta, GA one week ago. 

As a cooperative dedicated to economic equity, we recognize that only by working together can we overcome the systems of oppression and systemic racism that cause so much suffering.

Due to the pandemic, discrimination against AAPI individuals and anti-Asian sentiment has escalated. However, the United States has a long history, past and present, of perpetuating anti-Asian hate through our foreign policy that must be reckoned with. “As we address violence against Asians and women and dismantle white supremacy here at home, we must also fundamentally reorient US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region away from domination and control and toward human security for all” (Ahn, The Nation).

Cooperative Federal stands with our AAPI and BIPOC partners and allies in solidarity against racism and white supremacy. We foster safe and inclusive spaces and seek to lead the collaborative fight against these systems of exploitation that create violence in and against nonwhite communities.

You can help stop AAPI hate by joining organizations and educating yourself and those around you. If you witness a hate incident, report it here.


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