Account Names

Our new data processing system has a new way of naming our different accounts and loans.
We thought a listing of all the accounts and loans, along with their "system name" might be helpful to you, especially when using the Web Teller and Phone Teller services.

If you have questions about accounts, call Member Service at 315-473-0220. The Loan Department folks will be glad to answer questions about loan names - you can give them a call at 315-473-0242.

Shares (S Accounts) Loans (L Accounts) Investments(I Accounts)
S1, Share/Savings

L1, New Vehicle

I3, 3 month Certificate
S2, Secondary Savings

L4, Used Vehicle

I6, 6 month Certificate
S3, Business Savings

L5, Share-secured Loan

I12, 12 month Certificate
S4, Super Share Savings

L6, Share-secured Loan

I18, 18 month Certificate
S5, Omega Shares

L10, Personal Loan

I21, Special Certificate
S6, Secondary Omega Shares

L11, Secured Personal Loan

I24, 24 month Certificate
S9, Treehouse Savers

L16, Personal Loan

I30, 30 month Certificate
S10, Start Over Savings

L21, Share Secured Loan

I36, 36 month Certificate
S11, IDA or Matched Savings

L30, Home Equity CREF

I41, 12-mo. Traditional IRA
S12, PMI Transfer

L40, Line of Credit Unsecured (*Old*)

I42, 24-mo. Traditional IRA
S13, Mortgage Escrow

L41, Secured Line of Credit

I44, 36-mo Traditional IRA
S20, IRA Shares (Regular)

L42, Revolving Line of Credit(NEW/Converted)

I61, 12-mo Roth IRA Certificate
S23, IRA Shares (Roth)

L44, ESD SBRLF Secured Business Line of Credit

I62, 24-mo Roth IRA Certificate
S24, IRA Shares (Conversion Roth)

L50, Home Equity Line of Credit

I64, 36-mo Roth IRA Certificate
S30, Super Share Draft/Money Market

L51, Home Equity Line of Credit

I65, 12-mo Roth Conversion IRA Cert.
S31, Share Draft/Checking

L63, Adjustable Rate Mortgage

I66, 24-mo Roth Conversion IRA Cert.
S32, Secondary Checking

L64, Adjustable Rate Mortgage

I67, 36-mo Roth Conversion IRA Cert.
S33, Business Checking

L69, Adjustable Rate Mortgage

S34, Start Over Checking

L71, Fixed Rate Mortgage

S35, Business/Org Super Share Draft

L72, 5:1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage

S36, Non-member Share Draft

L77, ESD SBRLF Business

S37, Organization Omega Checking

L78, Business

S38, Non-Member Super Share Draft Checking

L79, ESD MWRLTF Business

L80, Business Purpose Community Development

L81, Step Up Loan

Cooperative Federal accounts are federally insured by NCUA Cooperative Federal is an Equal Housing Lender
Cooperative Federal is an equal housing lender
Cooperative Federal accounts are federally insured by NCUA