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Introducing Coop Fed's Brand Update

Over the coming weeks, Cooperative Federal will be launching an updated brand - including a new logo, a new website (now under construction), and much more. Read on to learn more about this big change for our credit union!

What does is mean to rebrand and how will this impact members?

We're updating Coop Fed's image by changing the credit union's visual and verbal identity. That means members will see our new logo, colors, and other design changes on account statements, marketing materials, debit/credit cards, and in our enews, social media, website, and lobbies. 

When is the new brand launching?

We officially announced the brand update to members at our Annual Meeting on October 23, 2022. Rollout is taking place during winter 2022-2023, so you'll see these changes gradually appearing in our buildings, materials, and digital spaces.

What about a new website?

A brand new website is under construction now! The new website will make it easier to find new and improved online services, such as online applications for accounts and loans, as well we our existing self-service options like Web Teller, mobile banking and eStatements.

An update to our Mobile App is also in progress. 

Web Teller and eStatements will have design changes reflecting our new brand, but the platforms will be the same for the time being. 

Why is Coop Fed rebranding?

Coop Fed is going through a lot of changes as we head into 2023, with the goal of advancing our historic economic justice mission as well as rising to the occasion of today's social and economic challenges. In order to connect and engage with more people all across Syracuse, we are expanding our community presence through physical as well as digital branches. We're building a new, highly visible location on Erie Blvd East, we recently launched our first-ever online application for new members and accounts, and we're working on other improvements to online services. To support this expansion, we need to not only update our website, but update our brand identity, position, and strategy. 

By strengthening our image and the story behind our image, we can better reach all the people of Syracuse who need resources to build financial stability, and all the people who need a place they feel like they belong -- a financial institution with solidarity and justice at the core of its work. 

How did the new brand get created?

Our brand development process included extensive research about our members, the communities we serve, and local and national competitors. The process was guided by a diverse group of staff and member advisors who represent the many segments of our target audience, and who brought insight from a wide variety of perspectives. The staff on our Marketing Committee come from all departments within the credit union, and the members serving as Brand Advisors brought expertise as creative professionals. Finally, we engaged Vibrant Brands, a regional company that specializes in NY credit unions, to design our visual brand and our new website. 

Deep appreciation and gratitude goes out to these people!

Brand Advisors
Ruthnie Angrand, Communications in Mind
Stasya Erickson, artist / nonprofit communications professional
Indaria Jones, Creators Lounge
La'Tonia Mertica Sheppard Walker, LM Communications & Creatives Specialist Inc.
Damian Vallelonga, Echo Makes

Marketing Committee
Tiffany Dixon
Hanah Ehrenreich
Ron Ehrenreich
Jim Hartman
Angiliza Johnson
Melinda Partrick
Christina Sauve
Roger Treviño
Kim Truong
Carol Youngs
Meagan Weatherby, Development & Communications Manager
Kate Thompson, Marketing & Outreach Specialist (ending 4/15/2022)

What are the key elements of Coop Fed's new brand?

These are the aspects that will be most noticeable to members:

New Logo
Our new logo mark is an abstract version of the tree that has always been part of Cooperative Federal's logo. The green gradient is a "zoomed in" look at the tree leaves, behind forked branches and a bordered by a "C" for Cooperative. The forked branches represent a united community, working for common goals even as we all take our own paths in life - with different experiences, struggles and stories. 

We will continue to go by the brand name Cooperative Federal, or Coop Fed for short. Since 2008, we've used these names in place of our full legal name, Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union

New Tagline
Many of our materials will include the tagline, Investing in People, to signify the central goal of our work: offering guidance and banking services to help you reach your financial goals and live a better life. We’re here to support you and uplift our community together.

New Colors
Our main color will be purple, symbolizing imagination, creativity, and our progressive approach to community finance. The secondary color will be green (continuing part of our legacy brand), symbolizing energy, growth, strength and connectivity. 

New Story
The heart of our brand is the Credit Union's mission, vision and values. We're adopting the following updated statements.

Mission (What are we here to do?)
Cooperative Federal's mission is to foster social equity and economic justice in Syracuse, NY by connecting all people with capital and banking services - especially in communities that have been unjustly excluded from wealth. 

Vision (What future do we want to help create?)
A solidarity economy: a world where all people are valued, have opportunity, and can be part of a 
sustainable future.


  • Solidarity: We’re in this together. For each, for all.
  • Racial Justice: We recognize and work against systemic and institutional racism.
  • Social Equity: We all deserve the opportunity to reach our full potential. We understand the impact of privilege, and the difference between equality and equity.
  • Self-Determination: We honor everyone’s right to decide who they are, what they want, and how 
  • to live their truth.
  • Sustainability: We strive to be part of healthy, regenerative systems - in nature and in society. We seek to do less harm and more good for the future of our planet

What if I have other questions?

Reach out to us by email and we'll be happy to discuss your questions.