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Schedule of Fees

Fee Schedule effective 6/30/2015

Fees are per item unless specified. Please contact Member Services for more information.

Automated Services  
Web Teller (account access and transfers online) FREE
Phone Teller (account access and transfers by phone) FREE
Online Bill Pay (set up and manage thru Web Teller; manage thru Phone Teller) FREE w/ qualified checking accounts
eStatements or Statements by Mail FREE
Scheduled Automatic Transfers (between accounts or loans at Cooperative Federal) FREE
Direct Deposit FREE
Account Fees  
New Membership - Adult $10.00
New Membership - Youth (age 17 and under, or student at school branch) $2.00
Checking Account - Personal $3 monthly
Checking Account - Small Nonprofit $3 monthly
Checking Account - Business/ Organization  $4 monthly
Checking Account - Nonmember $5 monthly
Checking Account - Super Share Checking (Personal & Business/Organization) FREE
Super Share Checking (All) - Below Monthly Min. Balance $7.50
Savings Accounts (All) FREE
Super Share Savings Withdrawal/Transfer - After 3 free per month $4.00
Start Over Account Opening Fee ("second chance" account) $30.00
Inactive Account Fee (6 or more months inactive) $5 monthly
Converting Super Share Checking to Regular Checking $35.00
VISA Check Card ATM Fee per Withdrawal  - Sharenet ATMs are free $2.00
Re‐open Membership within 6 months of closure $10.00
Re‐open Checking within 6 months of closure $10.00
Everyday Services  
Money Orders $1.25
Nonmember Check Cashing (1.75% of value, minimum $3.25; $0.50 for under 18 yrs old) Varies
Teller or Cashier Check  $5.00
Duplicate Statement (Each) from Computer Records $3.00
VISA Gift Card $3.00
VISA Everday Spend Card $7.50
Wire In/Wire Out $25.00
Western Union $25‐$45 US    $32‐$75 Intnl
International Wire Fee $30-$60
Insufficient Funds (NSF)  
Returned Item Per Check/ACH/ECK $30.00
Unavailable Funds/ Uncollected Charge $30.00
Courtesy Payment of an Overdraft Item $25.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings or Checking $5.00
Overdraft Line of Credit - Over Limit Penalty $22.00
VISA Debit Card - Over Limit Penalty $30.00
Returned Deposit Item $25.00
Stop Payments  
Stop Payment per Draft or Series $25.00
Additional Presentment of Stopped Item $5.00
Replacement VISA Debit Card $10.00
Replacement PIN for VISA Debit Card $5.00
Early Closings/Withdrawals  
Early Share Account Closing Fee (within 6 months of opening) $5.00
Early IRA Account Closing Fee (within 12 months of opening) $20.00
IRA Transfer $10.00
Share Certificate or IRA Certificate Early Withdrawal $25.00
Presentment on Closed Account per item  $30.00
Collection Item (funds available when item clears; no possibility of return fee) $28.00
Canadian Collection - US or Canadian Funds (Canadian items only. Regular Funds Availability applies. Fee if returned.) $5.00
Returned International Collection Item (plus intermediary fees) $40.00
Miscellaneous Services  
Abandoned Property Notice At Cost
Notary Services - Administrative Charge $2.00
Check Printing Charges Varies
Copy of Check $5.00
Duplicate Lien Release - Members $10.00
Duplicate Lien Release - Nonmembers $20.00
Expedited Mailings $25.00
Faxing $2.00
Forward or Return Mail (Each) $5.00
Legal Processing $30.00
Manual Posting of ACH Items (per Posting) $8.00
Photocopy of Item (per Page) - Members $1.00
Photocopy of Item (per Page) -Nonmembers $5.00
Protest Letter $25.00
Research/Reconciliation (per Hour) $27.50
Return or Reissue of Cooperative Federal Teller Check $6.00
Safekeeping Fee (deliver checks/cards to Credit Union office instead of home address) $3.00