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Annual Meeting Dinner Menu

Without further ado, here is the Annual Meeting Dinner Menu! Brought to you by LOFO and Tunura's Homemade Speciaties.

Annual Meeting Menu
Catered by LOFO

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage Sandwiches
    In honor of St. Patty's Day!
  • Black Bean Burgers
    Packed with quinoa, carrots, corn and cilantro on a slider bun.
  • Kale Miso Salad
    Blend of massaged kale and aqua-ponic greens topped with carrot ribbons, roasted shitakes, tea egg, cucumber and popped amaranth, served with a sesame miso dressing.
  • Roasted Root Grain Salad
    Roasted brussels, parsnips, carrots, purple potatoes, cauliflower and garnet turnips with a maple dijon dressing. Locally harvested served on the side wheat berries.
  • Quinoa Kale & Sweet Potato Cakes
    Sweet and savory patties chock full of grain and veggies served on bed of greens garnished with smoked paprika mayo.

Desserts by Tunura’s Homemade Specialties
Fruit Cobbler & Chocolate Cake (vegan)

(Check out the annual meeting details - and don't forgot to RSVP by March 13!)

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