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Coop Fed joins forces with Reinvest CNY

We all can make a difference – every day. Cooperative Federal is proud be part of the groundbreaking Reinvest CNY campaign: an initiative to move $5,000,000 of local assets away from institutions that harm communities, and into socially beneficial organizations.

What is this campaign all about?

Reinvest CNY is the first campaign of the Reinvestment Alliance, a newly forming non-profit focused on building a just and sustainable financial system. This campaign is designed to educate the community on the impact of our financial decisions, how each of these decisions can be supportive of sustainability initiatives, and then provide the resources available in Central New York to do so.

What is the goal of this campaign?

The goal of Reinvest CNY! is to reinvest $5,000,000 in local assets using the Divest, Reinvest, Engage model. Achieving this goal would have a tangible impact on societal issues that matter deeply to participating reinvestors -- such as climate justice, immigrants’ rights, prison reform, nuclear disarmament, gun control, social justice, financial inclusion, and community reinvestment.

How does the model work?

Each component of this model is a tool that an individual or organization can use to advance social change. It incorporates divestment, socially responsible reinvestment, shareowner advocacy and direct corporate engagement. Until now, such efforts have largely been pursued by individual persons or institutions. This campaign makes divestment, reinvestment, and engagement a community effort. Our hope is that this campaign will serve as a model for communities around the country and the world.

How can I participate?

Individuals, organizations and companies that are interested in participating can enroll for a Reinvestment Consultation and indicate if they're interested in actionable steps for banking and lending, socially responsible investing, philanthropy, or all of the above. You will be able to enroll at the launch event, on our website, or at any of our presentations during the campaign.

How can I get more information?

1 - Check out the Reinvestment Alliance’s website and our Facebook page. 2 - Attend a presentation. The Facebook page contains a list of events happening all over Central New York. 3 - Schedule a presentation for your group, organization or neighborhood, so that we can come to you! We can do a lunch and learn format, or a larger presentation. 4 - Reach out to us at

What can I do to help?

1 - Like our Facebook page and share our posts. 2 - Volunteer to help with the campaign. 3 - Join the Reinvestment Alliance, to help continue to develop this initiative!