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Have you received a letter from Certegy?

In early July, Certegy Check Services, Inc. sent a letter to roughly 2.3 million people whose information was wrongfully sold to marketing organizations by a Certegy employee.

Some members of our Credit Union are among those who received this letter. We are working with Certegy to obtain a list of our members whose information was compromised, so we can provide:

Certegy believes that the information was used only for marketing purposes, and not for any financial fraud. Even so, it is a good idea to review your credit report regularly. Not only can you catch identity theft early, but you can also spot mistakes on your report. Credit Union counselors are glad to review your credit report with you. Contact us at (315) 471-1116 ext. 697.

You should always review your account statements, to make sure there are no fraudulent charges or mistakes. You can sign up for our Web Teller service and have 24/7 online access to your account - no need to wait for your monthly statement. To sign up for Web Teller, call a Member Service Representative at (315) 471-1116 ext. 699.

Who is Certegy?

Certegy is a national company that provides check authorization services to merchants. For example, when you make an online purchase, the merchant has to decide whether or not to accept your check or credit card as payment. Merchants use Certegy's service to help make that decision.

This is unrelated to any particular service provided by the Credit Union, and is affecting over 2 million people across the country. For more information, you may refer to Certegy's website at or call Certegy toll-free at 866-498-9916. The Credit Union is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Certegy is not making outbound calls to consumers. If you receive a call from someone stating they are with Certegy, do not provide any personal information.

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