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Bulbs Along Westcott Street

The Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project's annual bulb give-away and event was Saturday, October 3 at the Westcott Community Center.

photo courtesy of Mark Rupert
Photo Courtesy of Mark Rupert

Last year, the Bulb Project provided over 800 bulbs and SUNY-ESF's LANDscape club did the work of planting hundreds of flowers along the hillside next to Cooperative Federal’s credit union office on Westcott Street.

More than twenty ESF students came together to plant the bulbs, including fragrant daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, lilies, allium and tulips on the hillside next to this neighborhood institution. All bulbs were donated by the Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project in partnership with the Westcott Community Center.

According to LANDscape Club co-President Henry Paul Sombke, “the club had a wonderful time working on it and everyone had a say in the design. It was a great chance for the younger students to learn from the older students.” The Club hopes to return in the spring to do even more work on this showcase project.

The Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project gives away packages of free bulbs to neighborhood residents, as long as they are planted where they can be seen from the street for all to enjoy. Over forty thousand bulbs have been planted in the Westcott neighborhood since the project started in 2003. The planting on the credit union hillside will be a vibrant display to showcase the Project, and a testament to the work done to make our neighborhood a beautiful and enjoyable place to walk.

Thank you SUNY ESF LANDscape Club and Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project!

Visit for more information about the Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project.
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