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Notice of Nominations: 2022 Board of Directors Election

Cooperative Federal’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce its slate of nominees for the credit union's upcoming election. Read about the candidates, the nominations process, and changes to the Credit Committee in our 2022 Notice of Nominations.

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The 2022 election will take place at ouvirtual Annual Meeting on Sunday, 10/23/2022 (3:00 pm). Register on Eventbrite.

Nominations by Petition

Members may make additional nominations by submitting petitions. Petitions must include (a) names and signatures of at least 56 members, (b) a brief candidate statement describing community involvement, educational background and work experience, and (c) a signed certificate stating that they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected to office. Deadline for nominations by petition: 9/13/22

All complete nominations by petition received by the credit union will be posted in each credit union office and online at by 9/18/22.

Cooperative Federal will not conduct the annual election by ballot and there will be no nominations from the floor when the number of nominees equals the number of open positions.

Criteria for Candidates

Board nominees must be Cooperative Federal members in good standing. The Nominations Committee 
looks for people with good judgement and a strong commitment to community finance & economic justice.
Coop Fed’s work is centered around values of inclusion, equity, and anti-racism. We actively work to engage 
people of color, New Americans, women, and young or emerging leaders. 

Send questions to the Nominations Committee or call Christina Sauve: 315-473-0250.