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Build Communities, Not Bombs

break up with your bankSince 2013, US financial institutions have invested $344 billion dollars in companies involved with production of nuclear weapons.* Several of the leading investors are big banks where many of us have accounts, loans, or credit cards. You can boycott those banks and move your money to Cooperative Federal -- and if you make the switch between now and March 31, 2017, your $10 New Member Fee will be donated to the Nuclear Free World Committee of the Syracuse Peace Council.

Click here to download your Swith Kit now - and spread the word to your friends and family members!

Don't Bank on the Bomb

On February 23, Cooperative Federal teamed up with the Nuclear Free World (NFW) Committee and Hansen's Advisory Services. Inc. to educate the Syracuse community about how and why we can withdraw our money from businesses involved with the production, maintenance, and modernization of nuclear weapons. NFW organizers explained that, at this time when there is limited legislative support for laws that would block nuclear weapons development in the United States, individuals and communities can come together to "Win Beyond Washington" by choosing local credit unions and socially responsible investments.

For more information, take a look at Cooperative Federal's Build Communities, Not Bombs presentation.

You can also check out the websites for Hansen's Advisory Services, Nuclear Free World Committee, and Don't Bank on the Bomb.**

Make the Switch

To donate your New Member Fee to the Nuclear Free World committee, open your account at Cooperative Federal and tell the Member Service Rep who helps you that you're joining the "Don't Bank on the Bomb" boycott.

Then, close your big bank account -- and tell them why you are leaving! Speak to the bank's branch manager, send a letter to their headquarters, and tag them in your related posts and photos on social media. 

Need help making the switch? Our Switch Kit has forms and resources to help you prepare. If you have questions, feel free to call Member Services at (315) 473-0220 or send an email to

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