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Simply Credit

Ever carry a credit card balance? Instead of paying high interest rates on credit cards and department store cards, you can transfer your balances to a catch-all credit line and make one, simple monthly payment. 

  • Fixed Interest Rates, starting at 4.99% APR*
  • No fees, no rate hikes, no penalities
  • Keep your old cards, earning points and rewards
  • Make one payment a month to cover all your cards
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Pay off your credit cards the easy way

It's easy to get started with SimplyCredit. Here's how it works.

1. Apply online for a fixed, low-rate credit line. 
Visit our secure application page and sign up with invite code: CoopFed.

2. Enroll all your credit cards, and pay them off from your new credit line.
Check your new, fixed interest rate before you sign up your cards. You can sweep your balances as many times as you want, or sign up for a monthly automatic transfer.

3. Pay off your debt faster, without fees or penalties.
Keep swiping your old cards if you want to, but earn those points and rewards without credit card rates and fees

Outsmart the credit card companies - go local!

Credit and department store cards offer many benefits and conveniences. But they are — by design — full of pitfalls, gotchas and fine print that confuse and trap people.

Cooperative Federal is offering SimplyCredit lines to fix this. Using SimplyCredit keeps the good parts of credit cards while eliminating the bad. Let's fundamentally transform the credit industry into one that’s fair and transparent for anyone who ever uses credit. And the best way to do this is by taking credit card companies and big banks head-on with a truly fair, effective and smart alternative.Use SimplyCredit to manage your cards and maximize your savings.

Plus, when you move your balances to Coop Fed, you're supporting Syracuse's local credit union. The money we earn goes to work here in our community, connecting people from all walks of life to ethical services and real opportunity

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*Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to credit approval. Other rates may apply.