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Donar a nuestro Programa de Jóvenes

By donating $200, $50, or even just $10 to Cooperative Federal’s In-School Savings Branches, you’re standing up for cooperation, local finance, and economic solidarity. And above all, you’re helping students in the City of Syracuse access the resources and support that they deserve TODAY. Please join us! Your donations are tax exempt. For details, contact Meagan Weatherby at (315) 473-0206 or There are three ways to donate.

Option 1: Donate through Paypal

We take donations from members and nonmembers through Paypal. Click the button below to go to Paypal.

Option 2: Donate through Web Teller

If you are a member of Cooperative Federal, donating to our In-School Savings program is as easy as logging in to WebTeller. The best way to help is through recurring monthly donations. Be a sustainer!

  • From Web Teller, hover over the "Transfer" tab and select "Scheduled Transfers."
  • Click the button to "Add New Scheduled Transfer" and follow the prompts.
  • Set up the transfer to member number 9686, account S36. The first 3 letters of the name on the account are ALT.

To make a one-time transfer,

  • Hover over the "Transfer" tab in Web Teller and select "Transfer to Other Member."
  • Set up the transfer to member number 9686, into account number S36. The first 3 letters of the name on the account are ALT.

Option 3: Donate through an Account Transfer (without Web Teller)

If you are a member but do not use Web Teller (try it, you'll like it!), you can still make a donation by account transfer. To schedule a recurring transfer, complete the complete the Recurring Donation Authorization Form and drop it off at any Cooperative Federal office. To authorize a one-time transfer, call Member Services at (315) 473-0220 and ask for assistance making a transfer to member number 9686-S36.