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It Pays to Persist: Alethia's Homebuyer Success Story

Alethia Weston knows what it’s like to have a dream came true. After fifteen years and three separate tries, she finally became a homeowner.

Alethia has rented her large, comfortable home on the Near West Side for 17 years. She raised her five kids there, and over the years she done quite a bit of work on the house herself. With that kind of history, when she got the option to buy the home, “I couldn’t turn it down. The price he offered me, I couldn’t beat that.”

She first started working toward homeownership in 1998, with help from Syracuse Model Neighborhood Corp, but when she applied for a mortgage the bank turned her down. She didn’t have much in savings, and had no traditional credit. “I started work when I was 14,” she says, while still attending Corcoran High here in Syracuse, “and continued to work all the way.” Meanwhile, she married and had five kids. With a big family to take care of it’s hard to get ahead, no matter how hard you work. Disappointed, Alethia put the house-buying idea on the back burner.

But the urge to have a home of her own never left, and after a decade of waiting she was determined to see it through. She spent another several years saving up for her down payment, building a credit history, and taking homebuyer classes at Home HeadQuarters.

Finally, it was time once again to seek a mortgage. Model Neighborhood connected Alethia to Coop Fed, and this time things fell right into place. She was quickly approved for a mortgage, and even got a payment that was less than what she’s been paying for rent.

When Susan called her to tell her she was approved, Alethia remembers, “I was just overwhelmed. I had tried so hard and I didn’t think I would ever get it.” Now, Alethia has the pride of having accomplished her long-time goal, and the Near West Side has another homeowner invested in the neighborhood’s future.


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