Getting Started with Web Teller

Banking online with Web Teller is fast, easy, and loaded with features you’ll love. Once you’re registered with Web Teller, you can also download our Mobile App - which has even more tools to help you save time and money.

Here are some instructions to help you get started.

  1. Go to the Web Teller login page. ​​
    • For best results, use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers. Web Teller is not compatible with Microsoft Explorer.
  2. The first time you log in, you will need to complete the Security Update. Look for the box that says New Web Teller User, and click “Setup Your Info.”
  3. Enter your Account Number. This can be up to five digits. (Do not use the longer number that appears on your checks or debit card.)
  4. Enter your Password. The first time you log in, your default password is the first five digits of the Tax ID number on the account.
    • For Personal Accounts, that’s the Social Security Number for the primary account holder.
    • For Business/Organization Accounts, it’s the EIN.
    • At the end of the Security Update, you’ll be required to create a new secure password.
  5. Retype the Random Code shown on the screen, and click Next.
  6. Complete the Security Update by following the steps to accept the Disclosure, create three Security Questions, choose a Security Key and enter your email address.
    • You will need to answer one Security Question each time you log in, unless you have chosen to “Remember this Computer” (cookies must be enabled - see the FAQ).
    • The Security Key is a word or phrase that will appear each time you log in. This lets you know that you are using the real Web Teller - not a scam site!
  7. Finally, you will be required to create a new password, between 8 and 10 characters (case sensitive). Remember this new password for future use when logging to Web Teller. It is important to create a secure password to protect your privacy and information.
  8. If you get an error message after submitting your settings, it is because the system timed you out. Start again from the beginning, and try to complete it more quickly.

If you have questions, please call Member Services or send us a message. We’re happy to help!