Homeownership Education & Counseling

Coop Fed is a HUD Housing Counseling Affiliate. Our certified counselors can help you make action plans, solve problems, and reach your goals. 

We help first-time homebuyers:

We can also connect you to additional classes, grants, and other resources to help you purchase your new home.

Note: To receive a Certificate of Completion for the Homebuyer Dream Program and other special programs, you are required to (a) attend at least one counseling session and (b) complete the Homebuyer Education Course.

If you already own a home, we can work with you to:

  • Manage a household budget
  • Plan for repairs and improvements
  • Refinance to a more affordable mortgage
  • Stay on track with your mortgage payments

If you are behind on mortgage payments and trying to avoid foreclosure, register for Home HeadQuarter's free Foreclosure Prevention Program.

Cooperative Federal offers an online Homebuyer Education Course in partnership with eHome America. This program helps first-time buyers determine if homeownership is the right fit, shop for a home, and maintain their home.

The Homebuyer Education Course takes 5 to 6 hours to complete, but you can stop and start as needed. If you can get online, you can work on your course - any time, anywhere.

If you're more comfortable with Spanish than English, the Homebuyer Education course is available en español. For counseling appointments, please let us know if you need translation or interpretation assistance. 


Online Course
Regular Fee: $99

Homebuyer Dream Program Discount:
$74 with coupon code

Hardship Discount:
$0-30 with coupon code

If you have a hearing impairment, disability, or other condition requiring special assistance, please let us know by sending a request to your counselor at least five (5) days prior to your appointment.