Checking Accounts

Take the hassle out of everyday money management and day-to-day transactions with a personal checking account from Cooperative Federal. Coop Fed offers three types of personal checking accounts, so you can choose the option that works for you.

Our personal checking is convenient, flexible, and affordable. It’s the most popular choice for our members.

*A small monthly fee helps support our economic justice mission - while helping you avoid the hidden fees and excessive penalties charged by most so-called "free" checking accounts.

Bypass monthly fees and earn dividends while getting all the other perks of personal checking. The minimum balance for this Money Market checking account is $4,500.

Need a fresh start? If you owe money to other financial institutions due to issues such as overdrawn accounts, our Start Over program helps you access a basic checking account and rebuild a solid track record. To help you along the way, you can even get a free financial counseling session.

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