Direct Deposits and Payments

If your job offers direct deposit, you can set up your paycheck to automatically be posted to your account - no more paper checks and prepaid cards. You can also provide your account information to your utility company, cell phone provider, or other trusted vendor in order to set up bill payments.

Warning: Protect your personal information, such as account numbers and social security numbers, to avoid identity theft. Only provide this information to entities that you know and trust, through secure (encrypted) channels.


This is the Routing Number for all Cooperative Federal accounts.

You can set up direct deposits or ACH payments using a checking account OR a savings account. Each account that you own has a unique account number.

Checking Accounts: Enter your 14-digit Checking Account Number

  • Use your 10-digit member number* COMBINED with the 4-digit "share ID" for your checking account. Enter numbers only. 
    • Example: If your member number is 1000054321 and your checking account share ID is S3100, you can use this 14-digit number:  10000543213100.
    • This number cannot be used for ordering checks or sending and receiving wires.


  • You can also use the 14-digit MICR Checking Account Number. You can find this number at the bottom of your checks, or by logging in to online/mobile banking. From the Dashboard ("Accounts" tab in Mobile), click on your Checking Account and then choose "Account Info." Note: This number did not change as part of the 3/4/2024 core system upgrade.

Savings Accounts:

  • Enter your 14-digit Savings Account Number. This is your 10-digit member number* COMBINED with the 4-digit "share ID" for your savings account. Enter numbers only. 

    • Example: If your member number is 1000054321 and your savings account share ID is S0100, you can use this 14-digit number: 10000543210100.


  • Accounts opened BEFORE March 4, 2024: You can still use your former member number (1 to 5 digits) for transactions on your primary savings account.

If you need help locating or verifying account numbers, please send a Secure Message by logging in to online/mobile banking, OR call Member Services: 315-473-0220.

*If your member number was originally 1 to 5 digits, you were assigned a new 10-digit member number (account number) effective 3/4/2024. The new number begins with a 1, and ends with your former member number, with 0s in between (for a total of 10 digits). For example, if your number was formerly 54321, your new 10-digit number is  1000054321.

Use this Direct Deposit Form (fillable PDF) to arrange payroll direct deposit with your employer. If you need this form to be certified by the credit union, please contact us.

Or, if you are completing a form provided by your employer, please review the sections above to determine your Routing Number and Account Number.

If you receive other deposits, such as Social Security, retirement or pension checks, contact that group for instructions on changing the deposit to Cooperative Federal.

To pay a bill directly from your Cooperative Federal account, using a platform provided by the payee (for example, your cell phone provider’s payment portal), you will need to provide Cooperative Federal's ABA/Routing Number (221381935) and the account number for the checking or savings account you wish to use. Please review the section above to determine your Account Number.

Members who have direct deposit can receive a 0.25% discount on loan rates when they sign up for automatic loan payments, for as long as their direct deposit with automatic payment continues. Ask our Loan Department for more information about this discount.

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