Emergency Loans

Are you facing a financial emergency or an unexpected expense?

Struggling to afford upcoming bills?

Coop Fed is here to cover you when you need it most. 

Plan A: Small Dollar Personal Loan

Personal loans are the best way to deal with one-time expenses that you can't pay in cash. Coop Fed's Small Dollar Loan Program can help you with vehicle repairs, medical and dental bills, moving expenses, travel and holiday needs, minor home repairs, paying off small debts, and more. 

  • Borrow up to $2,500
  • Fixed interest rates capped at 18% APR* maximum (see current "as low as" rates: Signature Loans)
  • Budget-friendly payments, typically ranging from 3 months to 2 years 
  • Get funded in 1 - 5 business days 
  • Required documents (must be submitted before your application can be processed):
    • 2 most recent paystubs (or other proof of income)
    • Driver's License or other valid photo ID
    • We may request additional information about the bill you need to pay (example: invoice from auto repair shop)

Plan B: Payday Alternative Loan

Payday Alternative Loans are a great back-up option when you have a true emergency and need help right away. These loans can be used for urgent bills that can't wait until next week. 

  • Borrow up to $2,000
  • 28% APR*
  • Flat monthly payments, ranging from 1 month to 1 year 
  • Get funded in 1-2 business days 

Don't get trapped by Predatory Loans and "Cash Advance" Apps

Cooperative Federal is a not-for-profit, community-owned credit union. Our mission is all about social justice and economic inclusion, and that means helping people get the financial services they need -- without the pain of predatory interest rates, or the long-term harm of snowballing debt. 

If you need a small loan to solve a financial problem, don't resort to predatory services like cash advance apps, payday loans, pawn loans, or retail store credit cards. These kinds of services commonly come with high fees,  excessive interest charges, hidden costs, and unaffordable payments that cause you to "rollover" the loan into larger and larger debts. 

We offer Emergency Loans so that you can avoid these pitfalls, overcome setbacks, and build financial strength for yourself and your family. We're here to help you reach your goals and live a better life, because you deserve to thrive.

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This program is supported, in part, by the CDFI Fund / U.S. Department of the Treasury. 


*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Subject to membership eligibility and credit approval. Terms and conditions apply. Not all will qualify.