Fee Schedule

Accounts Fees
New Membership - Adult$10 one-time fee
New Membership - Youth (17 & under) and YouThrive Student Members$2 one-time fee
Checking Account - Personal$3 per month
Checking Account - Small Nonprofit$3 per month
Checking Account - Business/Organization$4 per month
Checking Account - Nonmember$5 per month
Start Over Savings Account$30 one-time fee
Super Share Checking AccountNo monthly fee above minimum balance;$7.50 monthly fee below minimum balance
Super Share Savings Account - Withdrawals and transfersUp to 3 free transactions per month;Additional transactions $4
Inactive Account Fee (6 or more months inactive)$5 per month
Converting Super Share Checking to regular Personal Checking$35 one-time fee
VISA Debit Card ATM Withdrawal FeeSharenet ATMs: FreeOut of network: $2
Reopen membership within 6 months of closure$10 one-time fee
Reopen checking account within 6 months of closure$10 one-time fee
Everyday Services
Money Orders$1.25
Check Cashing - MembersFree
Check Cashing - NonmembersVaries (1.75% of value, minimum $3.25; $0.50 for under 18 yrs old)
Teller or Cashier Check Fee$5
Duplicate Statement from computer records (cost per statement requested)$3
VISA Gift Card$3
Wire In / Wire Out$25 / $25
Western Union US / International$25-$45 / $32-$75
International Wires$30-$60
Debit Card Replacements
Replacement VISA Debit Card (before expiration date)$10
Replacement PIN for VISA Debit Card$5
Prepaid Cards: VISA Everyday Spend
Card Purchase$7.95
Monthly Fee$1.75
Minimum Load$10
Maximum Load$5,000
Reload Fee - Online$0.50
Reload Fee - at Branch$1.50
POS Transactions Fee$0
Daily limit on PIN point-of-sale purchases$1,500
Daily limit on signature POS purchases$5,000
ATM Withdrawal Fee (domestic)$1.50
ATM Transaction Denied fee$0.50
Withdrawal max per ATM transaction$310
Monthly Account Maintenance Feeafter 3 months inactivity$3.00
Reissue Expired Card$3.50
Close card and cash-out all remaining funds$15
Replace Lost/Stolen/Closed card$5.00
Next-day Delivery of replacement card$35
Insufficient Funds (NSF)
ServiceRegular FeesYouThrive Student Accounts
Returned Item Per Check/ACH/ECK$30Not Applicable
Unavailable Funds/Uncollected Charge$30Not Applicable
Courtesy Overdraft Payment$25Not Applicable
Overdraft Transfer from Savings or Checking$5Not Applicable
Overdraft Line‐of‐Credit Over Limit Penalty$22Not Applicable
Visa Debit Card Over Limit Penalty$30Not Applicable
Returned Deposit Item$25$25
Stop Payments
Stop Payment per Draft or Series$25
Additional Presentment of Stopped Item$5
Early Closings/Withdrawals
Early Savings/Share Account Closing Fee (within 6 mo. of opening)$5
IRA Account Closing Fee (within 12 mo. of opening)$20
IRA Transfers$10
Share Certificate or IRA Certificate Early Withdrawal$25
Presentment on Closed Account per item$30
Collection Item - Foreign *Funds available when item clears; no possibility of return fee$28
Collection Item - Canadian (U.S. or Canadian Funds)*Regular Funds Availability applies. Fee if returned. Canadian Items Only$5
Returned Canadian Collection$40 (plus intermediary fees)
Miscellaneous Services
Abandoned Property NoticeAt cost (varies)
Administrative Charge for Notary Services$2
Check Printing ChargesVaries
Copy of Check$5
Duplicate Lien Release - Member / Nonmember$10 / $20
Expedited Mailings$25
Forward or Return Mail (each)$5
Legal Processing$30
Manual Posting of ACH Items (each)$8
Photocopies (per page) - Member / Nonmember$1 / $5
Protest Letter$25
Research/Reconciliation (per hour)$27.50
Return or reissue of Cooperative Federal Teller Check$6
Safekeeping Fee$3

FREE Services


Self Service Tools

  • Web Teller (online banking)
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Check Deposit (checking accounts only)
  • Online Bill Pay (checking accounts only)
  • Phone Teller (automated phone service)