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About Cooperative Federal

Cooperative Federal is a unique combination of a traditional credit union and a non-profit community development organization. Becoming a member of Cooperative Federal is making a choice to build our local community and to advance social justice.

Financial Statements are available online here.

We're Driven by our Mission

Shaped by the concerns of an active and engaged membership, Cooperative Federal has evolved in ways that are far different from a conventional bank.

We Invest your Savings Locally

The combined savings of members are invested in the form of loans to members, members' small businesses, and community organizations. Unlike a commercial bank, Cooperative Federal does not take your savings to finance moving local businesses and jobs away.

We're a Community Development Credit Union

Cooperative Federal is deeply involved in efforts to revitalize our community, in cooperation with several partners. Our credit union works to create a better future while helping members build better lives now.

We Stand for Social Justice and Economic Inclusion

Friendly and Fair - At Cooperative Federal you are treated like a person, not a number. Services are designed by members. Account and loan terms are fair, member-oriented, and straightforward.

Servicios Bilingues - Cooperative Federal strives to serve members who came to the United States from all across the globe. Our services are available in English and Spanish, and in other languages too. 

For Race and Gender Equality - Committed to eliminating racism & discrimination, Cooperative Federal has a history of activism. This credit union was the first local financial institution to divest from Apartheid South Africa and the only one to send aid to the blockaded Oka reservation.

To overcome historic patterns of discrimination in access to business capital by the banking establishment, we offer special loan programs for woman-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and cooperative and nonprofits.

Women and people of color play key roles in this credit union, as directors, managers and decision-makers. Policies and practices reflect this involvement. Involving everyone means serving everyone, not just the “good old boys.”

Each for All - Cooperative Federal serves all its members fully. Age, gender, income, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, unconventional lifestyle or work situation is no barrier to the credit union's best efforts.

Environmental Stewardship - Cooperative Federal avoids waste and recycles or reuses everything to the maximum possible extent.

We're Run by Our Members

Cooperative Federal is owned, operated, and governed by its members. There are no other owners. Choose a financial institution where the ownership structure is designed to serve your needs, not the needs of a handful of big investors or corporate owners.