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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Cooperative Federal is to

  • rebuild our local economy in ways that foster justice,
  • serve people and communities that are under-served by conventional financial institutions, and
  • responsibly manage our members' assets.


We Build The Road As We Travel

The motto “We Build The Road As We Travel” captures the belief of credit union activists that by working together we can rebuild a new and more just world while we live within the current conditions. The motto is taken from José María Arizmendiarrieta, the founder of the vast Mondragon Cooperative society in the Basque territory.

Values and Goals

Cooperative Federal seeks to improve the lives of members and to revitalize our local community. 

Cooperative Federal represents values of cooperation and mutual aid, works to inspire others to these values, and serves communities that are marginalized in the global economy. The credit union is part of the movement against injustice, disempowerment, discrimination, corporate irresponsibility, and environmental degradation. Read more about that values that make Cooperative Federal different.

The goals of Cooperative Federal are to:

  • serve the financial needs of those in the broad movement for social justice;
  • serve communities that are unserved or underserved by for-profit financial institutions;
  • build an economy in opposition to the structures of injustice;
  • invest our members' combined savings in socially responsible ways;
  • foster cultural and social alternatives; and
  • advance the cooperative movement.

Art by Karen Kerney