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Cooperative Federal is here for our members and our community. This directory includes information to get in touch with our offices, departments, or specific staff members

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General Contact Info

Main Line: (315) 471-1116
Toll Free: (855) 532-5210
Fax: (315) 476-0567
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Routing & Transit Number: 221381935

*Important Note: For your security, please do not send sensitive information over the internet. If you contact us with a request that requires an exchange of sensitive information, we can respond in an ecrypted email and your responses to that email will also be secure. Sensitive information includes account numbers, card numbers, Social Security Numbers, PIN, passwords, etc.

Phone Teller

(315) 671-CASH
 = (315) 671-2274

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Department Directory

Use area code 315 for all phone numbers.

Department Phone En Espanol
Member Services 473-0220 473-0290
Personal Loans & Credit 473-0242 473-0291
Mortgage Applications 473-0244 473-0291
Mortgage Servicing 473-0235  
Small Business Program 473-0249  
Financial Education & Community Development 476-1451  
Home Base Housing Counseling 476-5290 473-0291


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Westcott St Office:

723 Westcott Street
Main Mailing Address Syracuse, NY 13210
  (315) 473-0270
South Ave Office: Southwest Community Center
  401 South Avenue
  Syracuse, NY 13204
  (315) 473-0260
N. Salina St Office: 800 North Salina Street
Administration & Syracuse, NY 13208
Development (315) 473-0280
Burt St Office: Syracuse Housing Authority
  516 Burt Street
  Syracuse, NY 13202
  (315) 473-0240

Staff Directory

Use area code 315 for all phone numbers.

Member Services Phone Email
Miguel Tarrats 473-0279 migueltarrats
Member Services Manager    
Leyanis de la Peña 473-0282 leyanisdelapena
Branch Manager    
Saddam Alawaad 473-0284 saddamalawaad
Member Service Rep    
Gloria Cintron 473-0281 gloriacintron
Member Service Rep    
Tiffany Dixon 473-0272/ tiffanydixon
Member Service Rep 473-0245  
Rafiki Fulgence 473-0273 rafikifulgence
Member Service Rep    
Darletta Johnson 473-0262 darlettajohnson
Member Service Rep    
Osvaldo Trinidad 473-0261 osvaldotrinidad
Member Service Rep    
Elaine Ramos Cruz 473-0274 elaineramos
Member Service Rep    
Rubanel Serrano Garlobo 473-0272 rubanelserrano
Member Service Rep    


Lending & Credit Phone Email
Imani Brannick 473-0214 imanibrannick
Homebuyer Dream Program Manager &  Mortgage Specialist    
John Catera 473-0230 johncatera
Business Loan Officer    
Leyanis de la Pena 473-0282 leyanisdelapena
Consumer Loan Officer    
Claudia Demmler 473-0225 claudiademmler
Mortgage Loan Officer    
Hanah Ehrenreich 473-0212 hanahe
Business Program Navigator    
Sam Eschenbrenner 473-0251 same
Consumer Loan Officer    
Maribel Gonzalez 440-2501 maribelgonzalez
Collections Counselor & Operations Support    
Jim Hartman 473-0222 jimhartman
Collections Officer    
Melinda Partrick 473-0231 melindapartrick
Mortgage Loan Officer    


Education & Counseling Phone Email
Thom Dellwo 473-0217 thomdellwo
Financial Counselor    


Administration & Development Phone Email
Jenell Armstrong  473-0211 jenellarmstrong
Executive Assistant   (ON LEAVE)
David Colavita 473-0208 davidcolavita
Bookkeeping & Mortgage Servicing Specialist    
Jim Doyle 473-0227 jimdoyle
Elise Inouye 473-0209 eliseinouye
AmeriCorps VISTA
 - Serve New York
Gerry Russo 473-0210 gerryrusso
Operations Support    
Christina Sauve 473-0250 christinasauve
Chief Executive Officer    
Kate Thompson 473-0215 katherinethompson
Marketing & Communications Specialist    
Kim Truong 473-0205 kimtruong
Accounting & Operations Specialist    
Meagan Weatherby 473-0206 meaganweatherby
Development & Communications Manager    

Board of Directors

To reach Cooperative Federal's Board of Directors, send an email. All emails sent to this address are received and reviewed by all Board members. Read about our Board of Directors. 

Hello, Operator

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