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Financial Capability Classes

Cooperative Federal is the most experienced provider of financial education in the Central New York area. We help participants build financial strength and take steps toward a secure future.

In addition to individual counseling and workshops for youth, our education program includes classes for adults on a wide variety of personal finance topics.

What is "Financial Capability?"

In an economy that is frought with challenges, we know that helping people be successful is about much more than memorizing vocabularly or understanding how the stock market works. We know that people are the experts about their own lives and financial situations, and it takes more than a budget plan to get ahead. That's why we focus not on financial literacy, but financial capability. 

The Center for Financial Inclusion defines financial capability as "The combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and ultimately behaviors that translate into sound financial decisions and appropriate use of financial services." In other words, our approach to education is not just about providing information, but helping people navigate their choices, find the right financial products and services, and put a plan into action.   

Our Teachers

Cooperative Federal's educators are certified financial counselors with backgrounds as schoolteachers. These staff members are dedicated to crafting effective lessons, providing objective information, and empowering students to make the best possible decisions for themselves. 

Class Topics

Here are some of the most popular class topics delivered by Cooperative Federal:

  • Building Good Credit
  • Budgeting Tools and Techniques
  • Preparing for Homeownership
  • Making the Most of your Tax Refund
  • Buying a Car
  • Understanding Insurance
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Avoiding Scams and Predatory Lenders
  • Orientation to the US Financial System (for recent immigrants)

Classes can be taught individually, or combined into courses. 

Language Options​

We deliver these classes in English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Spanish or in many other languages, with volunteer interpreters. We have taught classes in Chin, Karen, Somali, Arabic, Burmese and other languages.

Schedule a Class

Our classes are usually conducted in collaboration with community partners. We have worked with scores of partners over the years, including workforce development agencies, unions, employers, health centers, adult learning centers, GED programs, social service agencies, libraries, faith-based organizations and community centers.

If you'd like us to teach classes with your group, contact our Financial Education Department. There is a reasonable fee for each class session; in some cases grant assistance may be available. We can also collaborate with your organization to raise funds, or write letters of support for your grant applications.

You can also make an appointment for individual financial counseling, any time.