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Health & Wealth: Classes for K-8 Students

Forming healthy financial behaviors is a lot like forming good nutrition behaviors: it works best when habits are instilled from any early age. That's why Cooperative Federal's financial education program for elementary and middle school children focuses on combining the themes of Health and Wealth.

Our credit union partners with schools and after-school programs to bring basic financial education lessons into the classroom. Health, science, or physical education teachers can teach a lesson of their choice, and Cooperative Federal will pair it with an age-appropriate module that introduces children to important financial skills and concepts.

Topics for Kids

Here are a few of the topics we teach in K-8 classrooms.

  • Spend, Save and Share - With children age 5 to 8, we encourage them to think about how they can split their money into their categories: some to spend on things they want now, some to save up for a bigger goal, and some to share with their friends, family, or a charity. 
  • Opening a Savings Accounts - Students learn the benefits of keeping their money in a bank or credit union account, plan out a savings goal, and get an introduction to the concept of compound interest. 
  • Lemonade Stand - This fun and interactive lesson introduces students to basic business and entrepreneurship concepts.
  • BizKid$ - This TV series from PBS and the National Credit Union Foundation includes episodes on dozens of topics, from budgeting and personal credit to international currency and microfinance. Episodes are followed by companion lessons ceated by PBS, our own staff, or other sources. Cooperative Federal is not responsible for content on outside websites.

Our Teachers

Cooperative Federal's educators are certified financial counselors with backgrounds as schoolteachers. These staff members are dedicated to crafting effective lessons, providing objective information, and empowering students to make the best possible decisions for themselves. 

The Savings Connection

In all of our classes, Cooperative Federal's instructors stress the importance of opening a savings account and consistently saving a portion of everything that a student earns. We know that the students we serve face many obstacles in life -- from college debt to lack of a living wage -- but by learning to save early and often, we believe young people can gain a measure of control and make the most of their circumstances. Our In School Savings Branches help to make this connection. 

Request a Class

If you'd like to bring Health & Wealth to your classroom or after-school program, contact our Financial Education Department. There is a reasonable fee for each class session; in some cases grant assistance may be available. We can also collaborate with your organization to raise funds, or write letters of support for your grant applications.