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Youth Life Skills

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The "Youth Life Skills" program at Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union provides financial education for youth in Central New York. We offer a variety of classes and teach to a variety of ages.

We have taught at Syracuse High Schools, the South West Community Center, CNY Works and Syracuse Boys and Girls Clubs. Our collaboration with the Student Centered Authentic Learning Experience (SCALE) Life Skills Program has received local recognition.

Financial education for youth allows young people to become better informed and make the transition from high school to living on their own a little easier. Once students gain a solid foundation of information, they can begin to build a strong financial future for themselves.

In all of the classes we teach we stress the importance of establishing a savings account. Students learn firsthand the true meaning of what it is to save and cut back on expenses. After taking our Life Skills classes students can identify the difference between accounts, create a budget, and know and truly understand what it means to have good credit. They become goal oriented and learn how to invest and make their money work for them.

Financial literacy is not a privilege! Everyone should have a good understanding of how the financial system works. This empowers individuals to make the best decisions for their own financial future - and to consider the connection between their own financial decisions and their community. The more we give to the youth of this community, the more they can give in return.

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