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Housing & Financial Counseling

Cooperative Federal offers more than accounts and loans. Our certified counselors can help you make action plans, solve problems and reach your goals. 

 You may benefit from counseling services if you

  • need help with money management or credit building,
  • have trouble saving money,
  • want to become a homeowner, or
  • feel stuck with a bad mortgage you can't afford.

​These services are available to anyone, whether or not you're already a member of our credit union. 

Credit Building and Money Management

Learn how to access, understand, and strengthen your credit report with individual assistance from Coop Fed's counseling team. We can help you negotiate with creditors, dispute errors, and consider loans to consolidate debts. We can also help you create a spending and saving plan, and give you tips and coaching to stay on track.

Contact our Financial Education Department for information or appointments.

Home Base: HUD-Approved Housing Counseling

Cooperative Federal provides comprehensive financial education and counseling to aspiring, new and current homeowners.

Getting Ready to Buy a Home

Through advice, counseling, and online education we can help you to

  • understand if homeownership is right for you,
  • build or repair credit,
  • learn about the homebuying process,
  • make a budget that works for you, and
  • plan for home maintenance.

We can also connect you to a network of partners that provide additional classes, grants, and other resources to help you in your new home.  

Support for Homeowners

If you already own a home, we can work with you to

  • manage a household budget,
  • plan for repairs and improvements,
  • refinance to a more affordable mortgage,
  • negotiate with your lender, 
  • avoid delinquency and foreclosure, and
  • find free or low-cost legal assistance.

If you're trying to avoid foreclosure, the best way to begin is to register for Home HeadQuarter's free workshop on Understanding & Preventing Foreclosure. To learn more about the workshop to to register, visit the Home HeadQuarters website.*

Reach a Counselor

For more information or to make an indvidual appointment, contact Home Base.

If you are interested in homebuyer education, learn about our online course.  

Counseling Fees

Service Fee
Individual Housing Counseling $0
Individual Credit and Budget Counseling $0 - $25* per hour
Homebuyer Education Course Varies - Read More

**For credit and budget counseling, we have a sliding fee scale from $0 to $25 per hour, depending on your financial situation and the availability of grants or scholarships. If the fees present a hardship for you, waivers are generally available.

Your counseling appointment includes a free copy of your credit report and credit score. Our counselors do "soft pulls," so the inquiry doesn't impact your credit!


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