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VISA® Check Card


Our VISA Check Card lets you pay for your purchases directly from your checking account. Contact Member Services at (315) 473-0220 to request a card. Every purchase made on your Cooperative Federal VISA Check Card produces small change for social change through Common Cents!

You can even attach a line of credit to your Check Card, for coverage when you're short on funds. Read more about our overdraft protection options, or call a Loan Officer at (315) 473-0242 to apply. 

Our members are eligble for no-cost Travel Accident Insurance, if you use your Check Card to purchase tickets to travel.

Read about our other VISA Card Options:

Verified by VISA®

You can get free additional protection for your card from Verified by VISA.

Report a Lost or Stolen VISA® Debit Card

If your Cooperative Federal VISA card is lost or stolen, you should immediately cancel your card and order a new one.

During normal business hours:

  1. If the Credit Union is open, call Member Services at (315) 473-0220.

After hours:

  1. Block your card by calling (800) 453-4270 (or if you are calling from outside the United States, call 727-570-4881). This service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 
  2. Then, during normal business hours, please call Member Services at (315) 473-0220. You must call Member Services in order to complete the cancelation and reorder process.