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How to Join Cooperative Federal

Can I Join?

Cooperative Federal's field of membership includes the City of Syracuse and several local organizations.

Our Switch Kit makes it easy to move your accounts to Cooperative Federal. The kit contains a checklist to redirect your automatic bill payments, plus forms to set up your direct deposit, close your old accounts, and get a VISA debit or credit card.  

Join by City of Syracuse

You can become a member of Cooperative Federal if you live, work, worship, or attend school in the City of Syracuse; OR if someone in your immediate family or household lives, works, worships, or attends school in Syracuse.

Join by Membership Group

You can also become a member of our credit union if you are involved with any of our local field of membership (FOM) organizations, or if someone in your immediate family or household is involved with these groups. If you’re not yet involved with any, several of them are easy to join! For more information, contact the group you'd like to join directly. You can also contact us for guidance. 

Becoming a Field of Membership Group

Businesses and organizations can apply to become part of our field of membership. Organization volunteers, employees, and owners are then eligible to join the Credit Union. Contact Cooperative Federal’s Board of Directors to apply.

Who Can Open an Account?

Accounts may be opened by individuals, a few people, organizations, or businesses. Nonprofit organizations may request an account without meeting membership requirements.

Once you are a member, your membership may continue forever, even if you leave the area or are no longer part of our field of membership.

At a credit union you are more than a customer: You become a member and an owner of the credit union. Members elect the Board of Directors and Credit Committee, and shape the services and products we offer.

How To Join

To become a member of Cooperative Federal, all you need to do is open a savings account. You can open your account any time during regular office hours and join. To reduce your wait time or to make special arrangements, you are also encouraged to call Member Services and make an appointment in advance. Browse our website to learn more about the wide variety of personal checking, savings, and business accounts we offer.

Here is what you should bring to open your savings account and become a Coop Fed member:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID (not required for kids and teens under 18 -- see the Switch Kit for youth ID alternatives)
  • If your ID does not list a Syracuse address, bring something that shows you qualify for membership (for example, a paystub from a company located in Syracuse, a report card from a school located in Syracuse, a piece of mail showing that your current residential address is in Syracuse, etc.).
  • Your Social Security Number, ITIN, or EIN
  • $10 for your one-time New Member Fee ($2 for youth under age 18)
  • $5 for your minimum initial savings deposit

If you want to open a checking account, too – great! Read more about our personal checking and business checking options. You may want to bring a little extra money to cover initial checking accounts deposits and fees, if required.

If you have questions, please call Member Services at 315-473-0220.