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Erie Blvd Announcement


As Cooperative Federal prepares to begin 2022, our credit union’s 40th Anniversary Year, we are pleased to share an exciting announcement with all our members! 

We are purchasing a building at 1816 Erie Boulevard East, in Syracuse’s Near Eastside neighborhood. The new location will become Coop Fed’s largest branch – offering better amenities and a centralized hub for members services, lending, and financial counseling. In addition to a comfortable, spacious lobby, the new location will have off-street parking and a full-service drive-through. 

Once the Erie Boulevard office opens, it will replace our branch at 723 Westcott Street, which is 0.9 miles from the new location [view on Google maps]. We know that this will be a big change for our members – and change can be hard. But change can also be powerful. 

This move allows our credit union to not only maintain service to our existing members, but to keep growing our investment in Syracuse communities. To learn more about this move – including what to expect, how it benefits our members, and why we’re moving in this direction – please check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions