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Web Teller and Mobile App FAQ

Taking advantage of our self-service portals like Web Teller and the Coop Fed Mobile App is the best way to monitor your finances. We are here to help you make this transition, starting by answering our members' most asked questions.

What is my routing number?

Cooperative Federal's unique 9-digit “Routing & Transit Number” is 221381935.

What account number do I use to set up direct deposit?

This depends on where you want your money deposited. If you want your direct deposit to go to your primary savings account, simply use your member number and let your payroll department know you are using a savings account. If you want your direct deposit to go into your primary checking account, use the 14-digit number found on the bottom of your checks. If you do not have a checkbook and don’t know this number, call Member Services (315-473-0220). Finally, let your payroll department know you are using a checking account. If your employer requires a piece of documentation to process your direct deposit request, use this form or contact Member Services. Read more about direct deposits and payments here.  

Can I transfer money to another person?

If they are a member of Cooperative Federal, yes you can! In Web Teller, hover over "Transfer" on the main menu and click "Transfer to Another Member." You will need to know their account number and what sub-account they want the money in. For example: a basic personal savings account would be 9999S1 while a basic personal checking account would be 9999S31. Just be sure to check with the person you are transferring funds to; they should know this information! Transfers to other members cannot currently be made using the Mobile App - only Web Teller and Phone Teller.

You can also use third party money transfer apps, like Venmo or Paypal, by using your routing number and account number. Be advised that processing times may vary - use Web Teller or the Coop Fed Mobile app to verify when a transfer is complete.

Can I scan or deposit checks with my phone?

Remote check deposit (aka check deposit by phone) is available for all checking accounts using the Mobile App. If you swipe over to your checking account screen in the app (S31 for basic personal accounts), where it shows your balance and transactions, you will see a small camera icon. Click it to scan your check. If you do not have a checking account, this feature is not available.

Youtube: How to Deposit Checks with the Coop Fed Mobile App

A few important notes: Be sure to endorse your check with your signature and "For Mobile Deposit Only" before you scan it. Some checks even have a space to notate if you deposited using a mobile service, for your records. If your check is damaged, not legible, or written in colored ink you may have difficulty scanning it. Postal and Western Union Money Orders may also have difficulty scanning due to the way they are printed.

If you have multiple linked checking accounts associated with different member numbers, see the question below on Multiple Accounts.

How do I set up online Bill Pay?

To set up Bill Pay, first click the Bill Pay tab on Web Teller. The person/bill you would like to pay will be the payee, and you are the remitter. Fill out the applicable information including if this is a recurring payment or a one-time payment. The address of the payee is necessary because Bill Pay mails a check directly to them, unless the payee can be found in the Payee Search tool and the payment can be made electronically. Once submitted, your Bill Pay request must be approved by an administrator and then it will be activated.

If you have already opted in to Bill Pay on Web Teller, you can also review, edit and add payees on the Mobile App. From the main menu, tap "Manage payee."

Why can’t I log in to the Mobile App?

If you cannot log in to the app, make sure you have previously set up your Web Teller user account on a desktop site (use a mobile internet browser or a computer). You cannot set up your account for the first time on the app.

If you have been locked out and need to change your password this will also need to be done on Web Teller in an internet browser. A Member Service Representative (available at 315-473-0220) can reset your password and you can change it on Web Teller. At this point you should be able to log in to the app.

Be sure to input your password correctly and answer your security questions (these will both be case sensitive). Your password is not the same as your security key.

What is the security key?

Your security key should be a word that triggers you to recognize that you are in your own account. Consider it a two-step verification. If you recognize your security key then input your password. Your password should be different than your security key.

If I have multiple accounts at Coop Fed, can I log in to them all with the same password?

If your accounts are all linked then yes. You will know if your accounts are linked because your original account will be connected as a joint owner to your secondary or business account (and vice versa). However, you cannot use remote check deposit on linked accounts, only for the checking account associated with the member number you're logged in with. So if you have two checking accounts, for example 9999S31 and 1111S31, and you're logged in to the app as account 9999, you will be able to see balances and transactions for both but you will only be able to deposit checks into 9999S31.

As always, if you have any additional questions or difficulty with our services, do not hesitate to reach out to a Member Service Representative. Give us a call at 315-473-0220, on Monday - Friday between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. You can also contact us by email or Facebook Messenger. These times are challenging, but please know that Coop Fed is working hard every day to be there for you. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook to receive announcements or visit our website for updates. Stay well.

Web Teller won't load on my internet browser.

For best results, use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers. Web Teller is not compatible with Microsoft Explorer.