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Frequent Questions about Web Teller

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I’m a new user but can’t complete the Security Setup. Why?

Call Member Services at (315) 473-0220 to make sure your Web Teller access is activated, and to verify your account number or default password.

How can I change my password or security questions?

Log on to Web Teller, find the Options menu, and select Security Settings from the drop-down menu.

When you choose a password, be sure to use a secure password that you will remember. Avoid numbers or words that are easy for others to guess, like your birth date, phone number, and names of family or pets.

If you forget your password or are locked out of your account, contact Member Services at (315) 473-0220. You can also request a password reset by clicking the “Forgot Password” link in Login Step 3.

Do I have to answer security questions every time I log in?

Tired of getting security questions every time you log in? Be sure to select the box to "remember this computer" when you're signing in to Web Teller. Then, you won't have to answer security questions unless you login from a different computer.  

Note: You must have cookies enabled for this to work. Change your browser settings to allow cookies for for the Web Teller log-in page:                   

Here's a link to Google instructions for enabling cookies for different browsers. Cooperative Federal is not responsible for content or links outside of our website.

Web Teller is showing security questions that aren’t mine. 

This means that you are locked out due to too many invalid login attempts. Call Member Services at (315) 473-0220 to get reset.

Web Teller won't load in my internet browser.

For best results, use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers. Web Teller is not compatible with Microsoft Explorer.

Other questions?

Contact us at (315) 473-0220 or We’re happy to help!