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Downloading Account Information from Web Teller

You can use Web Teller to download your account information in several different formats.

  • Quicken - QFX file format
  • Microsoft Money - OFX file format
  • Comma Delimited - Use this format when importing information into word processing documents or databases.
  • Excel® - Use this format to use your data in a Microsoft Office® spreadsheet. Note: Internet Explorer® automatically opens this file in an Excel file viewer; save it as an Excel worksheet to open the file in a spreadsheet.

To get a download, go to the Accounts tab and select History from the dropdown menu. Then, select the button for “Advanced History.” Your download options will appear on the next screen.

Caution: Most difficulties arise from not having a file type associated with this download. When the file type is not recognized, the file is typically saved in a *.html or *.txt format. You can correct this by defining your Quicken or MS Money application to handle *.qfx (for Quicken) or *.ofx (for MS Money) files.


If you are using the data with Quicken software, follow the directions for “Quicken Web Connect” in your Quicken software or visit their support webpageCooperative Federal is not responsible for content on outside websites.

Downloading in a Comma Delimited File Format

  1. From the downloading choices, select Comma Delimited and click Submit.
  2. To work with the file now, select Open. To save the file and work with it later, select Save. 
  3. Be sure to give the filename an extension. Save it as a .DOX or .TXT file for word processing. If you clicked Open, you need to assign an application to open the file, such as a text editor or word processor.

Downloading as an Excel® File

Download your information as an Excel® file in order to save it and work with the data in an Excel® spreadsheet.