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Direct Deposits and Payments

If your employer offers direct deposit, you can arrange to have your paycheck electronically posted to your Cooperative Federal account by providing some basic account information to your payroll department. You may also provide this information to your utility company, cell phone provider, or other vendors in order to pay bills by account transfer.

Set Up Direct Deposits and Payments

You can use Cooperative Federal's Direct Deposit/Payment Form (fillable PDF) to collect the information needed to set up these tranfers. If you need this form to be certified by the credit union, please send us an email.

Or, if you are completing a form provided by another party, such as your employer or a vendor to which you make monthly payments, here's the information you will need to provide.

Remember: Carefully safeguard your personal and financial information, such as account numbers and social security numbers, to avoid identity theft. Only provide this information to trusted providers, through secure communications.

  1. ABA/Routing Number - Cooperative Federal's unique 9-digit “Routing & Transit Number” is 221381935.
  2. Account Number and Type of Account - You can use a checking or savings account for direct deposits and payments. There are limitations on the number of pre-authorized transactions you can make with savings accounts, and the types of savings accounts you can use, so checking accounts are the most common choice. You may also be able to split your direct deposit, so that a portion goes to savings and a portion goes to checking.

  • Be sure to let your payroll department or bill payee know whether you are using a savings or checking account.
  • Your Cooperative Federal checking account has a 14-digit account number. This number also appears at the bottom of your checks. This is NOT the same as your VISA Debit Card number.

  • Your Cooperative Federal savings account has a 1 to 5 digit account number. Using this number defaults to your primary savings account. If you want to use any other savings account, please contact Member Services.

*IMPORTANT note about pre-authorized transactions: If you have already exceeded the maximum monthly number of pre-authorized transactions on your saving account, your automatic payment or deposit may be rejected. Pre-authorized transactions include transfers made online and by phone. 

Other Deposits

If you receive other deposits, such as Social Security, retirement or pension checks, contact that group for instructions on changing the deposit to Cooperative Federal.

Direct Deposit Perks

Members who have direct deposit can receive a 0.25% discount on loan rates when they sign up for automatic loan payments, for as long as their direct deposit with automatic payment continues. Ask our Loan Department for more information about this discount.