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Personal Checking Accounts

Access your money and complete day-to-day transactions with a hassle-free checking account from Cooperative Federal. We offer three types of personal checking (or “share draft”) accounts, so you can choose the option that works for you.

Personal Checking

Our "regular" checking account is convenient, flexible, and affordable, making it the most popular choice among Coop Fed members. This account has no minimum balance; a flat, $3 monthly fee*; unlimited, free monthly transaction; and lots of perks -- including free Online Bill Pay and a variety of Overdraft Protection options. VISA Debit Cards available. Compare>>

Debit Card Info

*Why is there a monthly fee? A small monthly fee helps to cover the operating costs of our non-profit credit union, while helping you avoid the hidden fees and excessive penalties charged by most so-called "free" checking accounts. For just a few dollars per  month -- about the cost of a coffee -- you can belong to a locally owned, democratically controlled financial institution that is dedicated to cooperation and economic justice

Super Share Checking

If you typically have a larger balance in your checking account, you can bypass monthly fees and earn dividends while getting all the other perks of personal checking. The minimum balance for this Money Market checking account is $4,500. Our rates are consistently better than the competition, so you can earn dividends on your checking account while supporting Cooperative Federal's community development mission. Compare>>

Start Over Checking

Have you had trouble with your bank accounts in the past? Don't worry: at Cooperative Federal, we know mistakes are a part of life. Start Over accounts are available to people who owe money to other financial institutions due to issues such as overdrawn accounts. The features are more limited than regular accounts, but our Start Over program helps you access a basic checking account, rebuild a solid track record, and graduate to regular personal checking. To help you along the way, you can even get a free financial counseling session - included in the Start Over set up feeCompare>>

Quick Comparison

This table provides a high-level overview of our checking account options for individuals (adults age 18 and up). For all the details, please remember to review the fine print.

  Personal Checking Super Share Checking Start Over Checking
Set Up Fee No No Yes
Monthly Fee Yes No Yes
Earns Interest No Yes No
Minimum Balance No $4,500 No
Below Monthly Min. Balance Fee N/A Yes N/A
VISA Debit Card Yes Yes No
Free Online Bill Pay Yes Yes No
Free Direct Deposit Yes Yes Yes
Free Monthly Statements Yes Yes Yes
Overdraft Courtesy Pay Available Yes Yes No
Other Overdraft Protection Options Yes Yes Yes
Min./Max. Monthly Transactions No No No
Fee per Transaction No No No

The Fine Print

Accounts are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, and are subject to the following terms and conditions: